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My artwork uses simple naive imagery to create multi layered embroidered textile pictures and poems that explore personal anecdotes combined with fairytale narratives to explore hidden themes in our everyday experiences.

In my visual art I use recycled fragments of vintage fabrics, machine embroidered graphic lines, traditional embroidery techniques  and reclaimed ephemera to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The poems explore the same devises such as recycled word fragments that are transitory alongside a  narrative structure .It’s the small everyday things that I find most interesting, such as an object or colour or a  throwaway word. I try to let my work develop organically so that I can retain the clarity of the moment I am trying to convey.


Snippits of Poetry

What of?

                fairy tale encounters.

          Foxed snapshots  

with their tales 

      of ragged threads and rutted edges

fluttering against captive skies,

                     which baptised upon


                      and only us,      

sighs of  heady lust

and sprinklings of diamond dust.

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