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My listening scores are prompts that create interactive ways to explore how we think about self-care. They are made from recycled materials, such as vintage boxes, papers, letters, and personal or domestic objects. Participants are encouraged to contribute their own ideas, mementos, and text to the assemblages. With fun instructions to decode, the text scores provide reminders of nostalgic childhood games. By listening to images, sensenations and movements we are encouraged to reconnect with how we spend and value our time. 

My practice encompasses the following ideas through sound, movements, sensation, text, and time:

  1. self-care does not need to be economically productive.

  2. self-care is practiced because you as an individual are important.

  3. self-care is practiced in difficult times by the most in need as a form of community empowerment.

  4. self-care is inclusive and diverse, belongs to all and is the responsibility of the larger community, crossing all boundaries.

  5. self-care cannot be bought or sold.

  6. mental distress mirrors the social approach to disability and is framed by histories, environments, and societies' understanding of wellbeing.

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